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From a client:

“I feel so fortunate to have found someone who resonates so well with my needs. After over a decade of therapy and a lot of progress that got me out of crisis I was still burdened and at a standstill with a lot of anxiety, misunderstanding of my own power, and then severe adrenal fatigue. Darla has been instrumental in that healing journey. She has helped me bring all the frayed ends of my uncertain efforts together in clarity. It’s an incredible feeling, to shed so much old pain that seemed it would never dissolve. I believe shedding those layers of emotional and spiritual pain have also been key as my body is healing from this physical illness.

Darla has keen insight, intuition, patience, kind persistence, and skill in her coaching. I am finding a true and deep sense of safety in my own skin and remembering how to trust the unfolding of life and my own sense of direction again.”

— Sarah C., Oregon